As you already know from my previous post that I have all 8 version of the 20th anniversary books. 

I know I know…I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t resist.

Do to the fact I am in Ravenclaw, my focus will be with them today. 


I actually cannot express in words how much Harry Potter means to me, considering we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first book, you would think that fans passion would falter or didappear completely but seriously mine just grows yearly. 

Below are a few pictures of my trip to the Harry Potter Studios in 2014. Wow how has it been three years since.  

  • Where are my fellow Ravenclaw at? 
  • If not, what else house are you in and why? 

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  1. I always thought I was a Hufflepuff, and generic quizzes say the same; but I have done the sorting hat on Pottermore a few times, and Ravenclaw keeps coming up. So I’ll embrace the inner Ravenclaw in me! I’m so jealous you’ve been to the Studio tour, I keep meaning to go!
    It’s amazing how much of an impact Harry Potter still has- I definitely need to reread the series!

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