Hey y’all… 

I am going to Reading Festival soon and super eager to cover myself in glitter, wear space buns (all day- everyday!)  and wear super cute clothes!! 

I currently have permanent eyelashes in so my life is so much easier with make up because I don’t have to worry about eyeliner, lashes or massacra. 

I think while at a festival you don’t want to worry about loads of contour etc so I kept my face makeup simple and focused more on my eyeshadow and glitter. Glitter just makes my life better. 


I want to try so many more glitter looks…come on inspire me by tagging me in your looks or commenting ideas below. I adore space buns but thought I’d also try bun pigtails in the first photo. 

I would also normally wear a lipstick with this look but before this I packed all my uni room away and put my box of lipsticks somewhere. A good red or nude would do here…and hair glitter ✨

  • What do you think of this look?
  • Should I try something more extreme?  
  • (P.s I’m wearing a crop top πŸ˜‚) 

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